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Warn on edit summaries containing redlinks
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Author: paolo

In some cases, one may want to enter an edit summary with a redlink, but this is more often the result of a mistake. Since edit summaries cannot be fixed at a later moment, I believe it would be nice to have (as a user preference) an option of being requested confirmation when entering an edit with a summary containing a redlink. This would be similar to the "null summary" check, so that the user could stilll decide to commit the edit anyway.



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(In reply to Paolo Liberatore from comment #0)

In some cases, one may want to enter an edit summary with a redlink

Is this basically a request for "templates and links in summaries should be rendered on editing" (hence parsed), as a first step required to warn on redlinks? In that case, this would depend on bug 5019 I guess?

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CC-ing editing team as this seems a product question.