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Separate out interwiki links into a different link creation/editing tab
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When writing

  • a new article on Russian Wikipedia if I want to link to an English Wikipedia article, or
  • a new non-Wikipedia wiki article if I want to link to Wikipedia.

VisualEditor 'add link' dialog has tabs for 'internal link' and 'external link'. I would like it to also have a tab for 'sister wiki link' and it should remember my last selection about which sister wiki to use.

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptNov 20 2016, 11:32 PM

It doesn't call them out explicitly as a full tab but that doesn't mean it doesn't support them. You can insert them into the internal links input using the interwiki link syntax.

AlexMonk-WMF renamed this task from VisualEditor 'add link' dialog does not support cross-wiki links to Separate out interwiki links into a different link creation/editing tab.Nov 20 2016, 11:59 PM

@AlexMonk-WMF I mean, if you do these steps

Two things go wrong:

  • It does not check whether the page exists on the target wiki. It should.
  • It makes me use sister wiki prefixes by hand. That is not visual enough; as a new user, I probably don't know them. :-)

Maybe we could split these two things into separate bugs. Please let me know if you would like that to happen.

I know links like this are unwanted on nlwiki, so I would like this to be configurable.

Jdforrester-WMF closed this task as Declined.Nov 22 2016, 8:28 PM
Jdforrester-WMF added a subscriber: Jdforrester-WMF.

We used to have this feature (three tabs, not two), and after careful user testing we removed it. The differentiation between a local and interwiki link (or a pasted external link that happens to be an interwiki link) was entirely confusing to the users who were trying to edit, and the presence of the third tab meant that fewer people successfully made any link at all. It's unnecessary — instead, VE (or rather, Parsoid) does the magic for the user, replacing unnecessary external links with interwikis on save.