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"Add new image" button in gallery is difficult to discover after adding 4/5 images, since the button floats down as the list grows
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Right now, when a user adds 4 to 5 images in a Gallery dialog, the "Add new image" button goes outside the current view as it floats down with the growing list.
At that point it is not really easily discoverable, since user needs to scroll to find it.

I think a button like this that serves the primary function of the feature should be somewhere more visible and should not change its position with the list.

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Possibly we could tweak the design to move it somewhere static, above the "fold"?

Change 324604 had a related patch set uploaded (by Tchanders):
Fix "Add new image" button in the gallery dialog

Change 324604 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix "Add new image" button in the gallery dialog