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Mysterious warnings in WikitextEditor
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A mysterious warning pops up during editing of sections at w:no:Wikipdia:Tinget. The text "1 varsel" is "1 warning". (Proper Norwegian would be "Ett varsel" (ie. spelled out numeral) but that would be another bug.)

Screendump WikitextEditor warning 2016-12-18.png (433×1 px, 96 KB)

Wild guess, this comes from an edit filter?

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This isn't a bug I think but normal behaviour (and it shouldn't appear only when editing sections but everytime). This warning comes from Content of this page is displayed everytime page in namespace number 4 (Project namespace) as a warning. Try to delete this page temporarily and see if the problem disappear.

So in brief: The warning shows because you set it for some reason at

This'll be the same old broken editnotice code, I'll fix it when I'm not traveling. Do not delete it

Oh, nice! I figured out that we had some very old edit notices, but could not figure out where this one emerged.

Blank message, should it been disabled?

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