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AbuseFilter statistics
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Hello. Would it be possible to have a page where we could see altogether some statistics from all the AbuseFilters currently enabled on a wiki? I'm thinking on:

  • Filter number
  • Filter description
  • Number of hits
  • Last hit date
  • Conditions used

all sortable. This will help maintenance IMHO and could be implemented via Special:AbuseFilter/stats.

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What do you mean by "Conditions used"?

Note that the first three (number, description and number of hits) are currently accessible through Special:AbuseFilter

I am not sure addition of "last hit" would be transformational. So I think the only value would be in "condition used"; but I am not sure what it is going to contain.

The number of conditions used by the filter. There's a condition limit of
1000 and we should be able to identify expensive filters for optimization.
Currently you need to set $wgAbuseFilterProfile to see that and going
filter by filter.


Statistics for the filters enabled on this wiki:

Filter number Filter title Number of hits Last hit date Number of conditions used
1The abusefilter will block this1,59627 December 2016 15:00:00 (UTC)5

Why not just modify Special:AbuseFilter home page to include these two new columns?

I'd not mind displaying that at the main page. Just the number of conditions used should be added to the page then.