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Newsletter extension should send a notification to users un/subscribed via the admin interface
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The Newsletter extension now allows admins to subscribe and unsubscribe users through a specific interface at Special:Newsletter/n/subscribers

However, users added or removed don't receive any notification. They should.

Proposed language:

You have been subscribed to the <link>$Newsletter"</link> newsletter by an administrator.
You have been unsubscribed from the <link>$Newsletter"</link> newsletter by an administrator.

Event Timeline

01tonythomas subscribed.

You can reuse the code currently we have to notify users on new issues to newsletteres at to make it work for new subscribers on Newsletter as well.

Imported as waiting for @Aklapper or one of the admins approval.

Change 329456 had a related patch set uploaded (by Filip):
[WIP] Added notifications to manually added users

Need to add presenter class, but wanted to @01tonythomas to take a look.

@01tonythomas: @QuimGil Here's screenshots of both unsubscribe and subscribe notifications.

foobar.png (141×687 px, 14 KB)

In the notifications, does "Foobar" point to the newsletter info page?

@QuimGil: Yes, whole notification points to newsletter page.

Change 329456 merged by jenkins-bot:
Added notifications to manually added users