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phabricator is slow to update mirrors
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I merged some patches in gerrit to solve T154168: Quantity changes broke ORES (a UBN! task) but its mirror (rORESWHEELS ores-deploy-wheels) is not being updated after two hours.

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@Peachey88 Thanks for the answer. Can I have "edit access" to these repository so I can manually update them when needed?

You would need to ask Diffusion-Repository-Administrators for that. But isn't Diffusion just a mirror of gerrit? why are you needing to push the server to refresh prior to its cycle?

Because I needed to deploy it to fix a UBN! bug and the deployment repo for strange reasons uses the phab mirror instead of gerrit.

Declining nowadays, as we do not want any deployment repos to use Phab anymore as a canonical code location.