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Update Extension:Newsletter page for administrators
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Description looks like a pretty decent extension page, but
we have worked a lot on that extension after the bulk of that page was written. It needs verification. Is the information in that page up to date? Is there key information that is missing?

In order to complete this task properly, you should have a clean MediaWiki 1.27+ installation and proceed to install the extension following the instructions in that page. Then you should check that any pages/features described are correct.

Note that the audience for that page are wiki administrators. Help documentation will be found in another page (see T154222: Create Newsletter Extension Help page).

Although I can help proxy-mentoring this task for Google-Code-In-2016, I would feel more comfortable if @01tonythomas is the person who actually evaluates the task, since he knows the tech involved, dependencies, etc.

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Peachey88 renamed this task from Verify to Verify contains up-to date information.Dec 28 2016, 8:56 AM

I can mentor this along with @Qgil. Lets make it into the GCI baoard!

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Although most of the page holds, there are things that need to be updated. For instance, the Manage newsletter information needs updating. The View subscribers part too. I haven't looked in detail.

01tonythomas claimed this task.

I think should be done at this point. I added some #CONTRIBUTING docs too for the Mozilla program.