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Merge three different accounts into one
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Hello, I've have three different user accounts. They are:

Please! I request, merge all those three account into one new account ("User:TBhagat" account yet not created)

Best Regards,
Tulsi Bhagat

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The accounts Tulsi Bhagat and Tulsi Aryan both contributed to Wikidata.

All three contributed to Commons.

A merge would mean here to edit the database to edit username information for two of the three accounts to match the third.

Such database manipulation is considered as a dangerous operation, and as such, is not performed.

What we did in the past (rename only)

During the SUL migration, stewards and local bureaucrats renamed accounts to allow to create a coherent global account.

But here the request is different, you want on each wiki to merge contributions between accounts.


You can do the following:

  • Ask to rename the main account Tulsi Bhagat to TBhagat if desired
  • Note on the userpage of other accounts this is a previous legacy account for Tulsi Bhagat (or for TBhagat)
  • Redirect talk pages


As such, as there is a fairly usable alternative, and as there is a risk to corrupt database, I'm sorry we aren't going to risk to corrupt histories and logs to honour such request.

Ah... I also don't want to corrupt histories and logs. Okay anyways, Thank you :-)