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Indent all replies (Feedback from nowiki)
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There are no indent on first reply, and not on any later replies either, which makes it seem like all replies goes on the last except if you disagree on a previous post. You can then digress on the last reply without it ever showing up in the reply structure. This is confusing.

It would be better to always indent a reply, that is it will be clear who you make a reply to, even if you reply to the original post. That makes it a lot more obvious if you move back to the original post, because then you make a reply on the original post, not as now to digress on the post.

The full list of feedbacks can be found on w:no:Wikipedia:Torget#Flow (permalink)

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To make this more clear I'll post two example layouts

Flow - Existing indentation model.png (382×302 px, 11 KB)

This is the existing indentation model. Only clear digress, that is clicking on a previous rely, is now indented. Note that the third post now is placed higher on the board than the second one.

Flow - Wanted indentation model.png (360×380 px, 11 KB)

This is the wanted indentation model. All replies to the first post will now be indented. Note that the third post now is placed lower on the board than the second one.

The existing layout looks pretty slick, but it is confusing. The wanted layout gets a slightly more ugly layout, but it is infact easier to understand. If the lines in the last layout is removed, and only the indentation remains, then it looks pretty slick too.

An other important distinction is that the last layout more clearly follows "who do I reply to" and not "who do I digress with", which makes it more obvious why there is a single reply field.

Just to make it clear, in the last layout the reply field will be a reply to the first post unless the user clicks on "reply" for the last post. You never reply to the last post unless you explicitly do so. That will keep the thread on the topic for the first post and not so easily wander off into the blue as often happen today.

This is almost certainly a duplicate, I've been complaining about this (although less articulately) for a while :(