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Allow indenting comment while replying the last comment
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For example:

  1. Support--User1 00:00
    • I think...--User2 00:05
  2. Support--User3 00:10

This is not possible using Flow.

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An alternative solution is to be able to indent a comment after posting.

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We just released a change to the indentation model on Flow... we want to see how this version works, before planning any more changes. The thing we're really looking for is to see if it helps people have high-quality, productive conversations. I'd love to see examples, if you see threads where people are having trouble communicating.

the idea is ok ... but if they do so, it will be impossible to [automatically] reshape/reconfigure/modify discussion to classic diagonal threads , which/how is requested in T93024.

this bug [report] is duplicate of T94381

this bug [report] is duplicate of T94381

No it's not. T94381: Adjust the indentation level for direct mentions only applies if you mention a user (link to their user page).

The present model is simply wrong. There are two different types of targets in a discourse; the main topic and the topic as expressed by of a specific speaker. If all replies are connected to the last speaker the topic will start drifting, but if people can reply to the main post it is possible to keep the topic on track.

let the text box be a reply on the main topic, and all reply-links be answer on that specific post.

Note that the present solution even breaks the expectation of what the a reply to a post really means. You click on a reply-link for a ''post'' and ends up with a reply to the main thread. This is the classical error from wikitext. (Aka "is this a reply to my post or someone else?")