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Flow pages should allow users to choose between view modes: classic indentation (by topic/replies), "Flow style" indentation and chronological (by timestamp)
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The new model seems to be mixing two display modes:

  1. Chronological
  2. By (sub(sub(...)))topic

I believe indentation should only be used to provide topic information, not chronological information (which seems to be incompatible with the request to allow changing the position of replies in a topic, and would complicate the task of splitting a topic into subtopics). This is exactly what LQT does (and does well).
For a chronological view, I just want a sequence of messages, without any indentation (as happens e.g. on Gmail or Facebook), where a message is after another if, and only if, it was posted some time after the other.

This would be similar to the view options available for mailing lists such as
For each month we have: [ Thread ] [ Subject ] [ Author ] [ Date ].

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This is an interesting idea -- I'm going to mark this as normal right now and put it in our Design/Requirements queue to talk about with the team. Thanks!

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if you want to have the classical "diagonal" threads with full functionality, you probably should also put that functionality also to the new compact indendation.

what are currently missing in the flow's compact comments are : 1) several sub-threads to/from every post/comment/reply .

i have made an image to show that functionality in compact comments. that image also shows idea to put threads one behind another. It is here : . and i upload it also here.

compact-comments.png (2×2 px, 174 KB)

fix : i delete "2) subthread for the latest post" - it is not feature of classic diagonal thread comments. so, conversely, it should not be used in "compact thread", to be convertable to "diagonal threads".

see edition to my previous post. and:

the classic "diagonal thread" comment system/interface can be "hacked" by users, if they are in agreement, - and, the "several subthreads" can be used as a thread, and "reply" can be used as "create a subthread", but, if they do so, then that system has the "subthread for the latest post" but lacks "several subthreads".

the classic threads system really does not have "subthreads", it has multiple continuations of threads, and second continuation is adopted/interpreted as a subthread in the flow's new indendation model, and third continuation is not possible there in flow.

i have made an image of classic comments modified into compact form, and with multiple continuations put one behind another. see:

compact-classic-comment-threads.gif (2×1 px, 89 KB)