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Inconsistent indentation behaviour when you reply directly to the last comment in a topic
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Steps to reproduce

  1. Go to
  2. Reply to TheDJ's comment, or the IP's comment, and observe the indentation:
  3. Reply to Quiddity's comment, and observe the indentation:

Expected result:

  • The indentation would be the same between all three comments, as they're all replies to a specific comment in the thread.

Actual result:

  • The indentation level is correct and consistent for the first two comments, but is too low and inconsistent in the reply to the last comment.

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To clarify, I'm talking about these buttons that I've highlighted:

They should all behave consistently with each other. Right now they don't.

qdinar added a subscriber: qdinar.Feb 6 2016, 6:40 AM

this is not bug, but a feature, and main meaning of the new indendation model.

why it is so - because last post in classical diagonal thread also does not allow 2 different ways of replying to it.

but indeed there is little inconsistency / conflict - the idea of subthread conflicts with idea of classical threads, because "subthreads" are not really subthreads in classical comments (like in livejournal and email lists) - they are multiple continuations of threads.

see also my comments and images in .

this bug report is duplicate of T94381 , but that one is formulated as feature request.

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