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Fix or replace Module:Assemble multilingual message
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The process for updating users about technical changes is far more complex than it should be. If I have a technical newsletter (Tech News, specific newsletters for teams or products) and want to reach out in several languages, this is the process to send it out:

  • Generate the text on Meta using a Lua module that combines all languages and adds a switch. See example.
  • Realize you had too many languages, the module can't handle more than 20.
  • Generate the first 20.
  • Generate the next batch.
  • Carefully insert the new languages.
  • Find the duplication of the source text (typically English) and remove one of them.
  • Test it.
  • Find a mistake.
  • Fix it on Meta.
  • Redo the entire process.
  • Finally send it out.

Who would benefit

Anyone keeping users updated about technical changes: upcoming, things they can give feedback on, or new changes.

Proposed solution

At least make sure we can send out messages to more than 20 languages without inviting mistakes by manual insertion prior to MassMessaging all the wikis.

Module:Assemble multilingual message

Event Timeline

Generate the text on Meta using a Lua module that combines all languages and adds a switch. See example.

Which Lua module is that?

@Johan: Where can "assembleNewsletter" (mentioned in the task summary) be found exactly?

Sorry, too stressed when I wrote this; I used the name of a function instead of the actual module. Will edit accordingly, thanks for asking.

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I was also reminded that T85461 exists, so maybe this should be considered a duplicate.

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Would also be helpful if we could figure out a way to allow the headers to be translated as well.