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Enable Huggle for,, and
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Enable Huggle on Croatian Wikipedia (, Bosnian Wikipedia (, Serbian Wikipedia ( and Serbo-Croatian Wikipedia (,, and

  • Insert to meta at m:Meta:Huggle/List

  • Initial configuration
  • Create whitelist
  • Translate Project:Huggle
  • Translate Project:Huggle/Message
  • Translate warn-N templates

  • Initial configuration
  • Create whitelist
  • Translate Project:Huggle
  • Translate Project:Huggle/Message
  • Translate warn-N templates

  • Initial configuration
  • Create whitelist
  • Translate Project:Huggle
  • Translate Project:Huggle/Message
  • Translate warn-N templates

  • Initial configuration
  • Create whitelist
  • Translate Project:Huggle
  • Translate Project:Huggle/Message
  • Translate warn-N templates

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Are there any requests on wiki, that you could link to?

No. I've been using Huggle for a while now, and it's very useful! However, I wish I could use it on my native wiki, and other wikis with similar languages (listed above). I didn't realise there needed to be a request: the instructions on [[w:en:WP:HUGGLE]] mention only a Phab ticket. If you need it, I could start a discussion, but it seems impractical to involve the whole community in localising a tool which will be used only by those who wish to use it.

Well, it would be nice if local community was at least a bit aware, you can start by creating Project:Huggle pages on each of that wiki

Se4598 renamed this task from Huggle for Wikis to Enable Huggle for,, and 23 2017, 8:54 PM

Hello @Ivi104, is it done ? If yes, I would try to claim this task.

It's look like HG doesn't use namespace Wikipedia or local for config/message, but everything else looks work.

Ready to translate and use !

I could use some help with Config file: what do the following parameters do?

Also, most templates on have 3 levels (see ), is there a way to set that up in the program?

Hello, good job @Ivi104 ! As you set in the config :



Please create

Be careful with bad text like <nowiki> in Config page

I've made few modifications

I ping @Petrb for config explanation :)

Thanks! I added some more templates (see ), and, having tested them, I determined they work fine. Please check the code to make sure I haven't broken anything 😃

Could you help me with one other thing: requesting speedy deletion? uses Template:Bris to indicate articles for deletion. Usage: {{bris|reason}}. However, for common reasons one can write a number 1-5 instead of a reason and it will be replaced by the appropriate reason, as follows:
{{Bris|kratko}} = {{Bris|1}} ->Prekratak članak/Article too short
{{Bris|nespada}} = {{Bris|2}} -> Ne spada u Wikipediju/Doesn't belong to Wiki
{{Bris|grafit}} = {{Bris|3}} ->Grafit/Graffiti
{{Bris|test}} = {{Bris|4}} -> Testiranje/Testing
{{Bris|napadi}} = {{Bris|5}} -> Napadačko ponašanje/Offensive behaviour
Could you show me how to add this to the program? For testing purposes, feel free to use
Thanks a lot!


All params that start with prod concern AfD process. I recommand you ton disable it (param prod:false), this is too complicate to use elsewhere than enWP. Hr's config is ok with this.

The param that concern templates for deletion have prefix speedy (speedy deletion).

I've edited the page. Feel free to add your wiki's templates like the line

kratko;Prekratak članak;Bris|kratko;{{subst:huggle/db-notice|1=$1|2=Prekratak članak}};notify,

kratko=>the short name
Prekratak članak=>the long name
Bris|kratko=>the template, will be added as {{Bris|kratko}}
{{subst:huggle/db-notice|1=$1|2=Prekratak članak}}=>a message to the user like others warn, simply remove this if you don't want to post a message for every template addition (soi it'll become ;;, to ; without anything between)
notify=>I've leash this on frwiki even if we haven't set a warning message template, so it'll just create an empty user talk page if it not exist or will do nothing, I recommand you to leash it.

Feel free to take a look to other's wiki config, like for frwiki or enwiki, and make the best for you :)

Hi! Thank you for everything! You've helped me a great deal! However, I noticed a small irregularity when posting messages on IP talk pages: two messages are posted, one after another, with no break, and the bottom message has no signature (see ). I'd like there to be a break between them, and a signature after the next message also (see next edit). Also the order of the message strikes me as weird: in the first, the user is asked to stop vandalising, and in the second, he is encouraged to sign up and help out. Is there a way to perhaps omit a welcome-anon message {{NS-ip1}} if posting a warning template? Could you help me fix that? Many thanks.

There is, sadly, one other matter: User:MaGa asked me to relay a message: he does not take kindly to testing stuff inside User talk pages. I asked him to at least allow us to test inside User talk:IviBot (my former, now blocked, bot account) - ( ). I believe he'll agree to that :) Thank you so much!!!

I've started work on, but it will take a long time because I'm not quite familiar with their warning templates. Best regards!


testing on production sites of anything is never welcome, you can run huggle in a dry mode if you need to test stuff (start huggle in debug mode, then help -> debug -> dry).

Otherwise, you can also use testwiki for this!

Petrb triaged this task as Medium priority.May 8 2017, 6:02 PM

I close this task, it's good on our side. Don't hesitate to ping us if yo have any questions !