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Create WMSE-support template on Commons
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Create a new template on Commons that can handle both {{WMSE-teknikpool}} and the additions accreditation and other support.

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AxelPettersson_WMSE set the point value for this task to 1.

Just a reminder that there is also the template {{Wmse-GemenskapensProjekt}} that could be used (perhaps only with a slightly change in wording).

Thanks for the link. Definitly thing we can reuse that.

A quick glance shows that it's currently being used for:

  • Book scanning project
  • Gemenskapens projekt 2012/Linnés Lapplandsresa 280 år
  • Stockholm Pride 2015 / Mello 2017

As a note to self for later we probably want separate parameters for. Separate parameters since a single project might tick multiple boxes.

  • Teknikpolen (also adds that template)
  • Press accreditation
  • Travel grants
  • Reference literature
  • Other grants

@AxelPettersson_WMSE Any others you can think of (while trying to keep the complexity down)? Could some of them also be merged?

Sadly templatetiger doesn't seem to track commons so I can't see how common the existing parameter is.

Looking back through the list of granted community support I think the list of parameters above works fine.

@AxelPettersson_WMSE Could you rewrite to become a general portal page which this template could link to?

I've made a new template over at c:User:André Costa (WMSE)/Wmse-GemenskapensProjekt which now handles the above. You can see it in action over at c:User talk:André Costa (WMSE)/Wmse-GemenskapensProjekt.

It would require some adjustment of the category structure but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Let me know what you think @AxelPettersson_WMSE @Ainali

@Ainali The template has now been updated and @AxelPettersson_WMSE is updating the instructions on If either of you have questions around the documentation let me know =)

@Lokal_Profil uppdated as the name fits better. See if it works and update in the template if ok.