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Include Wikidata image transclusions in GlobalUsage
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Today when an image via P18 on Wikidata is transcluded into another project it does not show up in GlobalUsage. This skews the statistics for tools that use that data (like GLAMorgan).

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comment - it is important to have good usage metrics to show our GLAM partners. a systemic under-count of views transcluded from wikidata is sad


  1. This image of a Luger pistol is sometimes manually added to WP article infoboxes (like English), and sometimes auto-transcluded into infoboxes because it is listed as P18 in Wikidata (like Finnish) -
  1. On the image details page in Commons, en.wp shows up under "File usage on other wikis," while fi.wp does not.
  1. This has implications when we run an image usage report using GLAMorgan, as image transclusions via Wikidata-powered infoboxes go undetected. This leads to a lot of missing usage that we'd like to report to GLAM partners. -

So is the image just not being added to normal image links? Because global image links should be automatic on any image usage.

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For what it's worth, the image usage on the Finnish Wikipedia article now shows up in global usage.