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RC filters - Selecting 'full coverage' and 'conflict' filters makes any additionally selected filter(s) be displayed as active without affecting the result set
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The follow-up for T156860: RCFilters UI: Implement 'full coverage' status for groups

  1. Select a filter combo for full coverage - all results are displayed; the selected filters are greyed out in the capsule area - CORRECT
  1. Add a pair of conflicting filters - the results are not displayed; the selected filters are greyed out in the capsule area - CORRECT
  1. Add another filter(s). That added filter will be displayed as an active filter in the capsule although it does not affect the result set.

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@Pginer-WMF and @jmatazzoni should chime in here, but as far as I understand, this is intended behavior... the conflicts themselves are marked (and soon will be marked with an actual red border) but the other filters remain as-is.

It makes sense, too -- when I look at my filters, I want to immediately see the *reason* why there's no result - so if all filters were greyed out, I would have a lot less chance in solving the issue rather than showing me that filterX and filterY are conflicting, and the rest are okay.

I agree with @Mooeypoo.
There are some combinations that we know in advance they don't make sense, we should surface those cases especially confusing such as the implicit dependencies across groups (e.g., newcomers implying registered users), but we should not be afraid of the user getting no results ( if I search for "red", "cars", "under $5" I may get an empty result in most car rental services, and that's fine).

In the example, the "your own edits" is working well by restricting from the current set the results to only those by you. The issue is that the current set is already empty because of previous contradicting selections.

jmatazzoni claimed this task.

The Conflict filters should be red, but other than that this seems right. The purpose of all this tag color signaling and messaging is to teach users what is happening. so showing them which filters are not part of the problem is a good thing. Closing this.