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Wikidata statement popup should not be a link to an item
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Usability: if i mouse-over a statement in Wikidata, either the property or the value, like the "instance of" or the value of it, there is a popup with the Qnnn or Property:Pnnn and a drop down menu. I think the Qnnn and Pnnn text in the popup should not be a link, because I can already click on the item itself (with the same result), so it's redundant. The biggest usage of that number is to copy it. Copying a link is much harder than copying regular text - I can double click the number to select it, whereas with the link, i have to be very careful to select right before the link text starts. Since I copy a lot of these values, it would be a great usability help.

Also, please remove the "Property:" prefix -- simply takes up a lot of room without much help, as it's meaning is obvious from the position of the value and from the letter P in front of the number.

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Please add screenshots. I can't find any such popup you're talking about.

Lydia_Pintscher added a subscriber: ovasileva.

That is hovercards. It is currently being reworked. @ovasileva wanted to create tickets for it.

@Lydia_Pintscher lets not close it, but reassign it to hovercard as one of the requirements? Is there a tag for it?

@Yurik, @Lydia_Pintscher - new requirements for page previews (hovercards) in wikidata here: T111231: Page previews for Wikidata