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Analyze results of A/B test for displaying sister project search results (test #2)
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Based on the results from T149806 (see: T156300), this second A/B test for displaying sister project search results in a sidebar will have just one test group (displaying the project results based on recall) and one control group. Since the test results showed that we didn't get enough clickthroughs - mostly based on two bugs (T158935 and T158937) and the fact that the zero results rate for the queries entered on the original 4 wikis was higher than average - we decided to add in 4 additional wikipedias to be tested in this round.

This new test (T160004) is expected to last at least a week and will be run on the following wikipedias:

  • Persian (tested in T149806)
  • Italian (tested in T149806)
  • Catalan (tested in T149806)
  • Polish (tested in T149806)
  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Russian

This ticket is to analyze the results of this second test, based on:

  • if the user clicked on an individual result and what wiki project that result came from
  • what position in the list was the selected result
  • if the user clicked on the 'more from' on any wiki project result that was displayed
  • important to compare control group that has sister wiki results vs test group that also has sister wiki results

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I'll definitely take a look next week!

Great job @mpopov ! I just sent my comments through PR and email. :-)

2nd draft up now :) unless anyone objects, I'll upload the PDF to Commons on Monday

Added link to the Discovery Analysis team page, thanks @mpopov, @chelsyx and @TJones for all your great work and review help!