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editing section 0 of an existing but empty page gives no such section error
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Author: cbm.wikipedia

If you try to edit section 0 of an empty page, a "no such section" error is returned.

Version: 1.16.x
Severity: normal



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cbm.wikipedia wrote:

I'm sorry; my report was slightly unclear. The error is with pages that do exist but have 0 bytes of content. In such a page, the entire page (which has no content) is section 0, so editing section 0 should work. However, the 'nosuchsectiontext' error message is displayed instead. I have just tested this again on enwiki.

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Strange. Comment 1 is also still true.

cbm.wikipedia wrote:

Comment 1 is still not looking at the right problem, though. This link fails on the live software on enwiki:

Patch v1

I think this should be sufficient? It seems to fix the issue for me on my test wiki, anyway. Regards.