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Provide documentation about the data format used for editing in VE
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When you write gadgets for VE, you sometimes have to understand the data format used by VE, e.g. when using to insert content. I couldn't find documentation about this format anywhere. suggest to set breakpoints and inspect the data in the debugger (which of course works, but doesn't replace a good documentation), and has some examples from which you can learn a bit about the format. has another example, but no complete documentation, either.

Probably I have to write such a documentation myself if I want to have one, but is there somewhere some internal documentation, simple tools to convert wikitext into that format, etc. as a start?

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The documentation is mostly that which you've identified plus!/api/ etc. (but it changes over time as we improve things).

The official documentation is not well written and this is disappointing.

I have the feeling (maybe wrong) that the Editing team in WMF is still in state of mind that VE is in beta and by not having well written official documentation, it gives more freedom to changes and be less committed to API. This is not bad, as long as it is really in beta state and changes rapidly.

However, as more teams either within WMF/WMDE or in the community want to adapt their tools to VE or add customizations lacking well documentation may be an issue.
To be more specific, I think this is a "soft" blocker for tasks such as T136599 or T150652 and it would be nice to see CX and Wikidata integration in VisualEditor with no need of too much support from the editing team.