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Warning: Declaration of DatabaseMssql::ignoreErrors should be compatible with Database::ignoreErrors
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Original Report on Support Desk by User:Cotters07:

Hi, I have installed Media Wiki, latest version from the download section, along with PHP 7.1.3. The VC14 package is installed along with the ODBC 11 PHP drivers and the pdo_sqlsrv drivers extension. I have created a small PHP DB test script that connects and authenticates against the database server and runs a small query so I have confirmed that the database access is working. However when I run the Media Wiki setup, selecting MS SQL server as the database with the working details I get the following error:

PHP Warning: Declaration of DatabaseMssql::ignoreErrors(?array $value = NULL) should be compatible with Database::ignoreErrors($ignoreErrors = NULL) in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\includes\db\DatabaseMssql.php on line 1384

Line 1384 is essentially the end of the file. I have no experience with either PHP or Media Wiki and don't know where to start looking to resolve this, I am sure that as soon as I connect the Media Wiki installation to the database server the schema will create.

I assume latest version means MediaWiki 1.28