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Create the front-end of Tools for the Wikisouce Anniversary Proofreading Contest
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There are tools to got the statistic Proofeading and Validation of Wikisource world as like Wikipedia's xtool. . How do I know that a specific user edit counts at Proofreading?We need one tools for wikisource specific.

We have a not tested tool, which will works on linux evironment and no front end. It is not tested and as of now not working.

Please create the front-end of Tools for the Wikisouce Anniversary Proofreading Contest. This is not for only any contest ( or Wikisouce Anniversary Proofreading Contest.), it will be use for normal day to day statictis for Wikisources.

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Please define the front-end of Tools for the Wikisouce Anniversary Proofreading Contest, otherwise nobody will know what's meant by "creating" them :)

Aklapper added a subscriber: CristianCantoro.

So this seems to be about . shows that the maintainers of wscontest are you and @CristianCantoro , and that this request is related to

It is not tested and as of now not working.

What exactly blocks you from testing it and making it work, how is this related to "creating some front-end", and who do you expect to create that front-end? Where would you expect that front-end to be available? Also on
Clarification welcome - right now this looks like a task for yourself?

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I've started work on a PHP web app (based on Slim) to manage contests and report scores. @CristianCantoro and I worked on it's requirements at the Hackathon in Barcelona. I'll get my work-in-progress uploaded shortly.

@Samwilson, thanks for the heads up. I have added you as a maintaner of the tool wscontest.

Draft of new tool is live now at -- just sorting out some obvious bugs now.

(I've also made a phab project for this tool.)

So fast! :-) Thanks! There was me thinking I'd go and find a beer while I wait....

I've set up the cronjob that calculates the scores, so something should at least happen now when people add contests (with index pages).

Feel free to put whatever test data you want into the tool now; we can always delete stuff later (in fact, we probably want a delete function anyway don't we?).

@jayantanth I've finally returned to looking at wscontest. It looks like your contest doesn't have any index pages. I know I'm rather late to the party, but if you're still keen, I'd love to figure out what's going wrong and make it work again. :-)

@Samwilson , I have added some Index files in the list and put the time frame. We are waiting for this tool. Thank you for welcome back.

Great! :)

I've just found T216677 so will sort that out first off.

That bug's sorted I think. See how it works now. The scoring is run every hour for in-progress contests (or those without scores; and you can delete scores to force it to run again).

Maybe this ticket is resolved then? We can open new ones for the remaining bugs. The web front-end is (sort of) functioning. :-)