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Remove references to "Range Contributions" and "Autoblock" within xTools code
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The new xTools will not have the "Range Contributions" and "Autoblock" tools. However, there are still references within the codebase. These references should be removed.

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Done with

This commit also reformats all the i18n messages to be separated by newlines so that they are human-readable.

The Node script I used to remove the obsolete messages, and reformat the files:

const dir = './i18n/';
const fs = require('fs');

fs.readdir(dir, (err, files) => {
  files.forEach(file => {
    let json = require(`${dir}${file}`);
    delete json.tool_autoblock;
    delete json.tool_autoblock_desc;
    delete json.tool_rangecontribs;
    delete json.tool_rangecontribs_desc;
    delete json.rc_usage_0;
    delete json.rc_usage_1;
    delete json.rc_usage_2;
    delete json.rc_usage_3;
    delete json.no_valid_cidr_range;
    delete json.ip_range;
    delete json.ip_number;
    delete json.ip_start;
    delete json.ip_end;
    delete json.ip_found;
    fs.writeFile(`${dir}${file}`, JSON.stringify(json, null, 2) + "\n", {}, err => {
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