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Include classes from Polish Wikipedia
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English Wikipedia has got a system of classes, reflected in the "Articles" tab. It's great this is included as it gives the tutor a general overview of how the article is doing. However, the system doesn't work on all wikis in the same way. For instance on Polish Wikipedia we have only three classes (dummy dates below, you'll get the idea):

  • DYK (or Czy wiesz), identified by {{Czy wiesz - artykuł|2015|08|10}} on top of article's talk page
  • GA (or Dobry Artykuł in Polish), identified by {{Dobry Artykuł}} on top of the article's code and {{DA głosowanie|data=2015-11-29|odbieranie=|odrzucone=|strona=}} on top of article's talk page
  • FA (or Artykuł na Medal in Polish), identified by {{Medal}} on top of the article's code and {{Medal głosowanie|data=2015-08-26|odrzucone=|odbieranie=|strona=}} on top of article's talk page

Would it be possible to add those classes to the mix if the Polish Wikipedia is chosen as the default project?

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This is possible if Polish Wikipedia enables gets the PageAssessments extension enabled. See T120219. As of recently, the dashboard uses this extension to get the article classes, so adding support for a language will be pretty easy once the PageAssessments API is available for that language.

Cool! How do I enable it on Polish Wikipedia then - and how do I teach it to look for the classes we have (or does it work the other way around and we'd have to modify all our templates to follow some new scheme?).

I'm not sure what exactly it takes to add support and deploy it for a new language, but asking in T120219 and/or starting a new task to have it enabled on Polish would be a good place to start. If the templates are just based on quality classes but not something like WikiProjects, it might make things more complicated, but @Niharika and @kaldari will know more.

@Halibutt - PageAssessments ( is mostly a tool for WikiProjects, which is not a concept that exists on all wikis. It's data model is:
Page : WikiProject : Class : Importance
This data is used in a variety of contexts, many of which display the WikiProject assignments. We could theoretically set up PageAssessments on Polish Wikipedia, but because Polish Wikipedia doesn't have WikiProjects (as far as I can tell), I don't think it would work that well. We would have to assign all the assessments to 1 imaginary WikiProject and this imaginary WikiProject would show up in all the interfaces that use the WikiProject data from PageAssessments (like CopyPatrol). I think a better fit for Polish Wikipedia would be to use the Wikidata badges ( since this corresponds closely with the Polish quality assessment categories (good and featured articles are both supported), but isn't tied to WikiProjects.

@Ragesoss - My suggestion would be to have the Programs and Events dashboard fall back to using Wikidata badges for wikis that don't have the PageAssessments API available. It gives less granular data, but will work for all wikis.

Well, we do have Wikiprojects (plenty of them actually), but we don't have a tradition of assigning classes to articles by Wikiprojects based on their own criteria. Instead the community at large checks whether the article meets the criteria for DYK (well, this one is actually a Wikiproject, but it's a special case), or whether it passes the GA or FA mark (Wikipedia: prefix).

Badges might be a decent work-around. There is a problem though: they mark only the FA and GA class articles, which are most of the times too complicated to write for your average student. DYK on the other hand would be a visible mark that someone is doing a promising work. On Polish Wikipedia the article has to be at least 2kb long (text alone), and "sufficiently-sourced", and - obviously - within policy.

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