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Unknown project should not cause an Internal Server Error
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If you give the Admin stats interface a project name that doesn't exist, it returns a 500 internal server error:

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I'll take a look

I do not think it is a good idea to throw an exception when a project does not exist. databasePrepare() in LabsHelper.php must change. Having some kind of error "pipeline" would also help notify users something is going wrong.

It looks like this happens in the Edit Counter interface as well. Put in a bogus project and you get a 500 error:

Yes, I've had a todo list item for a while. The expected behavior is to add a "flash notice" then redirect back to the form.

@Superyetkin Indeed. Error pipline is defined above, and there is also a TODO comment at;7afccb7ee0de515c06149549c420df77ce6a2bda$48

@kaldari Yes, every interface that uses databasePrepare() will have this problem.

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