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Values in MediaWiki:rcfilters-filter-user-experience-level-newcomer-description
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Found MediaWiki:rcfilters-filter-user-experience-level-newcomer-description/en and it seems like this reflects the level for autopromote, but those levels are different for various sites. For example, at Norwegian (bokmål) Wikipedia they are set to 14 days and 50 edits.

If the values in the message reflects the actual level for autopromote, then they should be picked up accordingly.

There is a similar problem in MediaWiki:rcfilters-filter-user-experience-level-experienced-description/en.

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It is configurable (wgLearnerEdits, wgExperiencedUserEdits, wgLearnerMemberSince, wgExperiencedUserMemberSince), but it's not actively configured (all the wikis use the same values).

Despite that, it should be made to pick up these settings to be future-proof.

(There's also a product question (@jmatazzoni) of whether to vary the settings per wiki, which should be a separate task.)

The reason we made up our own names ("learner" "Newcomer" ) instead of using the categories (autoconfirmed, extended confirmed) is that these definitions are based on research. So we don't really recommend that wikis conform these to their own user rights categories. However, it's probably a good idea to future-proof this, in case wikis do that .

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