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CopyPatrol support for Finnish Wikipedia
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What it takes to get support for Finnish Wikipedia? This tool could make finding copyright violations lot of easier, since right now it's very frustrating.

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@4shadoww: The first step is to start a community discussion on the Finnish Wikipedia. If the community supports the creation of a CopyPatrol interface and there are volunteers wanting to actually use the tool, we can then start working on the implementation. It's important to make sure that there are people actually wanting to use the tool, as we have built interfaces for other language wikis that have been completely unused and were a waste of time to create.

Also see for more information about community discussions on configuration changes.

We had very small discussion about this and now later on I explained what situation is in that same discussion. And now looks like there ain't going to be much volunteers to use this. So I think there is no need for this tool and I'll close this ticket.