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Create syntax documentation page for Special:PageData
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Special:PageData introduced in T163923, seem great, but I could not find any documentation of this new feature explaining how to use it. For example I was trying to figure out if it can be used to get width and height of the images on Commons, EXIF data or URL of the actual raw file.

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Are PageData interactive? Any modules can read them.
But some modules could update statistics in them, or could list called pages for 3 days.
Some modules could register their versions to help Lua coders to manage modules versions and their use.

Where to find a very simple example of use of PageData in Lua?
Could you create a such example, with create, read and write datas ? Thanks in advance.

Special:PageData is intended to provide a canonical way to get the raw content of a page, in machine readable form. The syntax depends on the page's content model - on most pages, it will be WikiText. Note that raw content is different from the page's meta-data. In case of media files, this line is somewhat blurry. EXIF data is currently treated as meta-data, not content. And the actual media blob is treated as a raw file, not page content either. Both could potentially be treated as page content in the future, but there are no concrete plans for this.

For more information, see T163921: [Epic] Implement canonical data URLs for machine readable page content.

You have well advanced on PageData, but I don't find a very simple example. Could you give us a link to it? Thanks in advance.