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Video player error on Mac/Safari due to incorrect subtitles
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I am experiencing a 100% reproducible error playing a .webm video, with Safari 10.1.1 on Mac OS 10.12.5. Because my browser does not support wemb it uses the Javascript media player, and it is that that is failing.

The video is Whether I play it on the page it was first noticed,, or its page on en.wp or commons, I see the same problem, a spinning white 'loading' icon, no video, and an error in the browser’s console:

[Error] TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'mimeType.split')
	getMIMETypePlayers (mw.MediaPlayers.js:95)
	defaultPlayer (mw.MediaPlayers.js:118)
	isPlayableType (mw.MediaElement.js:430)
	getPlayableSources (mw.MediaElement.js:476)
	autoSelectSource (mw.MediaElement.js:165)
	setupSourcePlayer (mw.EmbedPlayer.js:688)
	(anonymous function) (mw.EmbedPlayer.js:615)
	doCallbackCheck (load.php:329)
	(anonymous function) (mw.MediaWikiPlayerSupport.js:334)
	(anonymous function) (load.php:337)
	each (load.php:384)
	triggerQueueCallback (load.php:336)
	checkPlayerSources (mw.EmbedPlayer.js:614)
	(anonymous function) (mw.processEmbedPlayers.js:115)
	triggerQueueCallback (load.php:307)
	runPlayerSwap (mw.processEmbedPlayers.js:112)
	addPlayerElement (mw.processEmbedPlayers.js:131)
	(anonymous function) (mw.processEmbedPlayers.js:343)
	each (load.php:384)
	each (load.php:136)
	processEmbedPlayers (mw.processEmbedPlayers.js:335)
	(anonymous function) (jquery.embedPlayer.js:43)

It only seems to be with this video: other .webm videos I have tried on commons worked fine. If I download the video and play it in VLC it plays fine too.

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It is due to

which is an incorrect subtitle for that video, which makes the player logic trip. Deleting that page should fix it.

Aklapper renamed this task from Video player error on Mac/Safari to Video player error on Mac/Safari due to incorrect subtitles.Jul 3 2017, 10:10 AM

The broken subtitle file has been deleted, and I can confirm the video now plays fine, at all places it was before failing.

Before this is closed, I would like to highlight how this is still broken, in a sense, in two ways.

First the way this problem is reported to users is terrible. A user or editor on experiencing it might think the media is broken, or their browser does not support that format (both common occurrences at times). It’s only taken so long as the root cause is so non-obvious. Compare it e.g. to script errors, which generate red error messages + call stacks.

Second this makes it potentially an attractive vector for disruptive editing or vandalism, as there is no validation or checking of these files. This broken file was created by a disruptive editor Craft6789, Their other edits were all reverted but no-one thought to check and remove this file until this problem was noticed, a year later.

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