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Check how TwoColConflict works with new Wikitext editor
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Check whether our extension works with

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At the moment, the TwoColConflict extension does not interfere with the new Wikitext editor. When using the two column conflict solution screen, while having the new wiki text mode beta feature enabled, the screen show the "normal" source editor.

But that seems also to be the case for the default edit conflict view. With the new wiki text mode enabled on a edit conflict page I get the "normal" editor. I can only assume, that this is intended. But would be interesting to know why and also what would happen to "our" editor in the two column view, when they enable their editor on conflict pages.

Ok, thanks for looking into this. This is also what we expected to happen when we talked about it with @Lea_WMDE.
Ideally, we would support the new editor and show it in the twocolconflict view when a user has enabled it. What would be the obstacles towards this?

I took a minute and tried to enable the NWE* for edit conflicts but it seems to be more complicated then just activating the hooks ;-).

But there is a ticket on the VisualEditor board T153298 and we should probably at least watch the progress there.

*) New Wikitext Editor

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