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Task and project management with Wikimedia Phabricator (a Wikimania Hackathon session)
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Wikimania Hackathon
Thursday, August 10 at 10am
Drummond East (Level 3)

Phabricator is a collaboration platform open to all Wikimedia and MediaWiki contributors. We focus on bug reporting and software projects. Non-technical initiatives are welcome as well.

In this session at the Wikimania-Hackathon-2017, we will cover the basic use of Phabricator, a task and project management tool used by hundreds of Wikimedia projects. The agenda may be flexible based on the participants' interest. Roughly:

  • How to find and follow the activity that interests you.
  • How to contribute questions and feedback.
  • How file bug reports and feature requests.
  • How to claim a task and keep it up to date.
  • A glimpse to project management in Phabricator.

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@Qgil: Thanks! I usually use for this to not get side-tracked.
If you want to edit / alter the slides, I've sent you an invitation to the Google Doc.

Thank you for these slides! I have also volunteered for an equivalent session at Learning Days, also in the Wikimania preconference days.

I was wondering whether @Bmueller would like to co-run these sessions, or one of them? This is only a kind invitation. If you are busy already I can run with it in solo mode. :)

Hey @Qgil thanks for the nice invitation ;) - I guess I'm already busy, so not this time :-( - but if you have questions on Andre's and my slides, please let me know (I hope the presentation is self-explinatory though ;).

Workshop delivered. There was a low participation, but representing diverse types of Phabricator users. There were several questions, I replied a couple of them with actual demos, one of which went live accidentally (and was reverted). :)

The slides were perfect. Thank you!

While a Phabricator intro might still make sense for the Wikimedia Hackathon, maybe in the context of Wikimania it is better to propose it as a session for the main program.