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Change "yes/no" in damaging_goodfaith form to "damaging/good" and "good-faith/bad-faith"
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cat enwiki.labeled_revisions.20k_2015.json | grep '"damaging": false' | grep '"goodfaith": false' | wc
    203    3213   37092

not-damaging and badfaith should be impossible and yet we have a *ton* of them in our dataset.

**a note to the design of the new buttons:

in addition to replacing yes/no with more informative signage, a would recommend to be also consistent in assigning left button to negative meaning and right button to positive (or vice versa; the keyword is consistency). What do I mean?

instead of having:

damagingnot damaginggoodfaithbadfaith

to have:

damagingnot damagingbadfaithgoodfaith

this should help users faster learn the buttons, save them confusion and improve the accuracy of labeling.

+1 that sounds like a good idea to me

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