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Tool "bub" loads assets from
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Loading from from external providers are discouraged. Please see parent tasks and J65.
In your case a direct replacement would be

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For the records, bub was shut down due to still running on Ubuntu Trusty. See

@Nemo_bis @Samwilson @8ohit.dua If BUB is dead can't this task be closed as Invalid? Or did it get resurrected somewhere and where this task is still relevant?

@Nemo_bis @Samwilson @8ohit.dua The tool returns 503, and so far as I know has been effectively dead for a long time now. Can it be shutdown at Toolforge and this task closed as resolved? Or could someone replace the google URL with the internal cdnjs URL so this task can be closed?

It don't bother none, of course, but it seems kinda dumb to let this task linger open and clutter workboards when, I'm guessing, it can be easily resolved.