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Create machine-readable version of the WikiProject Directory
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We should be able to look up WikiProjects in this directory.

Make a machine readable version.

Extra credit: figure out a sane way of keeping it up to date.

  • Parser code for generating WikiProjects tree
  • sanity tests to validate parser output
  • graceful handling of api calls in parser

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Have you checked out the PageAssesements related APIs Comm Tech built?


Not sure if its exactly what you're looking for, but we've been looking into using it for customization/feed/recommendation stuff in apps.

See the WikiProject Directory link in the task description. This will certainly make identifying which WikiProject had tagged a page easier, but in this case, we want to figure out what broader categories a WikiProject belongs to.

might be useful if we sync the machine readable format from here, probably using a cron script - ( Updated by the reports bot )

PR for tests -

@Halfak I'd appreciate a cursory review of the overall structure of testing.