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Hovercard article topic bolding fails if the page title has some qualifier
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Assumption: the article topic should be highlighted as bold in the page preview (currently expected behaviour). Currently, the words in the text extract are marked as bold only if there is exact match with the page title. This logic fails for pages with qualifiers - in this case, usually no bold text can be found in the extract/page preview, because qualifiers are not used in the text (they are redundant there).

Steps to reproduce

  1. Copy this page's source. Note the qualifier in the page title.
  2. Link to it from another article. e.g.
  3. See its hovercard.

Expected behavior
Text Vladimír Dlouhý (page topic = page name without qualifier) should be bold in hovercard.

Current behavior
There is no bold text in hovercard's text extract:

Snímek z 2017-08-20 00-40-00.png (741×1 px, 339 KB)

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Vachovec1 renamed this task from Hovercard text extract's person name is not bold like in source to Hovercard article topic bolding fails if the page title has some qualifier.Aug 20 2017, 7:05 AM
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Thanks for another detailed bug report :) It's looking good in new API.
I've added a test case to show this is fixed by it!: