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Explore Similar Language Link A/B test
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We'll be doing another test to investigate if and how many users click into the language link to see if the article is also written in a language (other than English) and then to see if the user wants to click through to that new article to read.

Write up is here:

It'll look something like this:

explore_similar-test2_lang-link.jpg (242×712 px, 176 KB)

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This new test code will ride the train this week and be turned on Thursday, Sep 14: and

Test has been turned back off. Ready for analysis.

The analysis is done for the running of this test and unfortunately, we only had one clickthrough to an article written in a different language (which was displayed in the new language links) as the report documents. We will not be going forward with this feature.

However, if a user wants to have the language link script added to their logged-in account, please follow the instructions here:

The full explore similar script (displays related articles, categories and language links) can also be enabled for logged-in users, see this link for instructions:

Breakdown of events during this 7 day test cycle on English Wikipedia, taking into account that these numbers are only a bucketed sampling of all users that saw a SERP page during this test:

Language link was clicked on to display list of the same article but written in a different languageclickthrough to same article written in a different language%
Total SERPs control groupSERP w/sis project sidebar%clickthrough to sis project%
Total SERPs test groupSERP w/sis project sidebar%clickthrough to sis project%
Total SERPs control groupclickthrough to article%
Total SERPs test groupclickthrough to article%

Data Summary graph:

explore-similar-lang-links-test-graphs-of-actions.png (1×1 px, 98 KB)