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Input events which occur away from the current ContentBranchNode do not get observed
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Following on from T175634, there is still an issue with browsers which don't support InputEvents (e.g. Firefox, Chrome<60, probably IE).

0. In Firefox

  1. Enter two lines of text
  2. Move your cursor back to the first line, and right-click -> undo
  3. Observe that your second line has been modified in the view, but not the model.

This happens because we only observe the node containing the selection for changes. In this case the first line is selected, but the action modifies the second line

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@Esanders I don't know what this means. Can you help me prioritise it? :-)

It is possible to modify the document without triggering any events, such as right-click-to-undo, or spellcheck. We work around this by continuously polling your current paragraph for changes, but in the case of right-click-to-undo that can modify a completely different part of the document.

It's a bit of an edge case in user behaviour, but it leads of the model and view being out of sync which can be very confusing to the user.

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All our target browsers support InputEvent these days