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Reindex default namespaces that were moved from general to content indices
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After switching namespaces searched by default to the content indices we need to reindex these wikis to avoid waiting for the saneitizer to catch up.
One technique is to send a reindex on these namespaces, I've prepared few bash script to send from terbium.
The script to generate them is :

namespace=`echo '$ar = []; foreach($wgNamespacesToBeSearchedDefault as $k => $v) {if ($v && !in_array($k, $wgContentNamespaces)) { $ar[] = "\"" . $k ."\"";}} print (implode(",", $ar));' | mwscript eval.php --wiki $1`
if [ ! -z "$namespace" ]; then
cat <<EOF
curl -XPOST elastic1020.eqiad.wmnet:9200/_reindex -d '{"source": { "index": "$1_general", "type": "page", "query": {"terms": {"namespace": [$namespace]}}}, "dest": {"index": "$1_content"}}'
curl -XPOST elastic2020.codfw.wmnet:9200/_reindex -d '{"source": { "index": "$1_general", "type": "page", "query": {"terms": {"namespace": [$namespace]}}}, "dest": {"index": "$1_content"}}'

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This will be enabled in production when T147505 is done next (re-indexing).