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Probable namespace change in the Assamese Wikipedia
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Author: wikichaipau

PNG of the SpecialPages page with the Hindi links indicated.

The Assamese wikipedia ( has had its namespace changed to Hindi. This has resulted is some strange behavior. For example, the SpecialPages page has Special in Hindi (विशेष):विशेष:SpecialPages

And some in the list of pages are now in Hindi too. Please see attached PNG.

This is not due to any translation, but due to a likely configuration change. I am not exactly sure what that particular configuration change has been. I shall appreciate any help on this count.

sysop, Assamese Wikipedia.

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That is because those messages are now translated in Hindi, where missing messages for Assamese are taken from. The fix is to translate those messages into Assamese.

Namespace localisation with Hindi fall back was added in r41133 and rr41134. You can go to and help complete the Assamese localisation. Current stats for MediaWiki core is 35%, so loads of work to be done there.

wikichaipau wrote:

We, the editors and translators of Assamese wikipedia, were at work with Assamese localization. Unfortunately, many of us are not proficient in Hindi, though all of us are proficient to some level in English. This has caused a hindrance in our translation work. We request that the fall back be English rather than Hindi.

We look forward to your help in this.


Would Bengali (bn) be a more suitable fall back language?

wikichaipau wrote:

The fallback language should be English. The users and editors of the Assamese wikipedia are likely to know English more than either Hindi or Bengali. For a partially translated, users would be able to navigate better with English as the fallback language.

Thank you,

Set fallback to Bengali in r44764.

Closed after feedback from brion.