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Abusefilter blocking adding GCI 2017 mentors to wiki page
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Description says

Warning: This page can only be edited by administrators and other users with the tboverride right because it matches the following title blacklist entry:

This will make it impossible for mentors to add themselves to the list of mentors.

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Hmm, looks like a non-issue as people manage to add themselves (and I'm not after understanding all this) hence closing as invalid

11:06:35 <RexxS> divadsn: the blacklisting of a title is via the Extension:TitleBlacklist -

hi all I trapped in 'The title "Translations:Extension:GoogleLogin/Page display title/fr" has been banned from creation. It matches the following blacklist entry: " .*g+(o+)g+le?\S?((?!Summer of Code\/\d{4})|(?!Code-in\/\d{4})).*"

while trying to translate at

Discussion :

FR translation cannot start and should be allowed.

Thank you