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Grant metrics Roadmap
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Version 1

The basics:

  • User can login (and logout) with OAuth
  • User can view/add/edit/delete their programs
  • User can view/add/edit/delete their events
  • User can view/add/edit/delete participants for an event
  • User can calculate metrics for their event
  • User can export event data in CSV and wikitext table format

Version 2

Nice to haves/Research doc requests
  • Autocompletion for usernames
  • Autocompletion for wikis
  • Common request from research document is to be able to see what all articles were created/edited during the event. This can be done to a certain extent through the View data interface in v1. Maybe something nicer in v2.
  • Parse out bullets from participants list
  • Add a metrics definitions / link definitions - this needs to be easily understandable. Not statistical jargon.
  • All wiki option in “wiki list” when creating a program (languages)
  • “Show” is confusing; maybe change to “add”, or “edit”. People aren’t sure how to edit or add people. Also, confusing because there was the “edit” button at the top. (For the Accordion sections)
  • "Recalculate totals" is confusing. Use clearer language.
  • Link to metric definitions on meta/elsewhere

Pitfalls to be aware of
  • Validation of usernames for latin and non-latin languages
  • Maybe accommodate both spaces and underscores in names
  • Take care of trailing spaces in names

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Grant Metrics planning has basically been superseded by the Event Metrics planning. Plus, virtually all of this has been done or is being done now. So I'm closing this as Resolved.