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[FEATURE REQUEST] In-app QR code reader for QRpedia
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Also, please allow the QRcode/Wikipedia app to take stats (numbers of visits using that QRcode, language selected, ..) since that kind of information is useful to convince GLAMs about the possible outreach: see here as an example:

(disclaimer: this is the first time I've heard about QRpedia)

In principle, I can see the benefit of enabling our app to scan QR codes, and if the code leads to a Wikipedia URL, the app can navigate to that article. However, I'm not sure I understand the benefit of using/supporting QRpedia for this purpose. Why can't museums simply print QR codes that point directly to the Wikipedia URL? If the user is using the Wikipedia app, then the app can easily transform the URL into the proper language for the user's device, without going through a third-party backend service.

Hi @Dbrant ,
That's a good question, here some reasons to promote specifically QRpedias (but allowing scanning all kinds of QR codes would be also great):

  1. It has an MIT License and it is owned and operated by a subsidiary of Wikimedia UK (WMUK), so it's going to be easier for later development. (
  2. QRpedia also records usage statistics, see as an example. GLAMs need that data to keep evaluating the project and ofr us it's a great way to convince new GLAMs.
  3. Above all, QRpedias can handle language issues related to Wikipedia articles. As it's mentioned in the wiki page about QRpedia « When a user scans a QRpedia QR code on their mobile device, the device decodes the QR code into a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) using the domain name "" and whose path (final part) is the title of a Wikipedia article, and sends a request for the article specified in the URL to the QRpedia web server. It also transmits the language setting of the device.[4] The QRpedia server then uses Wikipedia's API[1] to determine whether there is a version of the specified Wikipedia article in the language used by the device, and if so, returns it in a mobile-friendly format.[4] If there is no version of the article available in the preferred language, then the QRpedia server offers a choice of the available languages, or a Google translation. ».
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