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page level opt-in and opt-out for "a link was made" echo notification
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Feature request for Echo notifications relating to the
"A link was made from ‪<page>‬ to ‪<page which I started>" Echo notification.

For people who have written a very popular/fundamental article in a Wikipedia (a good example is @Ijon who started the article "Jews" in Hebrew Wikipedia ) their echo notifications are *overwhelmed* by alerts of new inbound links to this article. This means that the user is unable to use the tool to monitor inbound links about other things they've done.

Request: please allow a per-article opt-OUT for this type of notification.

In reverse, users only receive this notification type when they were the person who first created the page. If another person really *wants* to receive notifications (for example, if they took a stub all the way to feature article but were not the initial creator of that stub), they cannot.

Request: please allow a per-article opt-IN for this type of notification.

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I created this as wishlist item in .
It's worth noting that these kinds of notifications get created more often on Wikidata due to it being about linked data. When 10,000 notifications that Ijon gets on Hebrew Wikipedia for having created "jews" seems a lot it's nothing compared to the >1,000,000 for the person who created "scientific article" on Wikidata.

I'm interested in human anatomy and as such being able to subscribe to new entries that link to "anatomical structure" is very useful to follow the creation of new entries.

This task mixes 2 requests (please try to avoid that in the future!). Both of those are duplicates, specifically of: