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Publish full fallback sequence for (generic) font families (sans, serif) in SVG rendering
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WMF currently only publishes a list of available fonts on meta:SVG fonts (and, without any mention of the order of font selection for generic families sans-serif ("Sans") and serif ("Serif"). Since those two generic families, sans especially, are in fact the most commonly used by default, WMF should publish the said lists. They can be generated by running fc-match -a Sans and fc-match -a Serif respectively.

The order problem is especially a problem with CJK languages, as many distributions and even fontconfig's own nonlatin file mixes up sans ("Gothic", "Hei"), serif ("Ming"/"Mincho", "Song"/"Sung"), and script/cursive ("Kai") families. So please publish results for stuff like fc-match -a Sans:lang=zh-cn too.

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I absolutely agree (for years, I just wanted to create this myself). On the one hand, it is absolutely annoying for editors if fonts get removed undocumented without any replacement/fallback.(rOMWC1616462ae03ad28fff9fdfc85203820c0bc25c1e)
The only information is (the whole page meta:SVG fonts is based on this).
Which seems neither complete nor trusty. We can see here the removed fonts are still present.
Examples (especially Nimbus Sans L fallback for Helvetica):

The fallback information we have are only vague information from temporary user tests. (Apart from the fact that the renderer should be set back to 2016, because font rendering is going to absolute worsing. T36947 I can't tell this enough.)

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