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Add current issues to "exactly this text" helptext
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Although this should not be the case, quoted search terms currently don't differentiate between "ss" and "ß" (see T87136: ~"daß" should not match "dass")
The info text of "exactly this text" should reflect that.

Update the info text to say


Original request
This is a request fromünsche/Spezialisierte_Suche#Rückmeldungen_zur_Beta-Funktion

As an editor, I want to correct old spellings. I search for "umfaßt" in the search field "Exactly this text" in order to change the spelling to "umfasst". The search results, however, return pages containing both "umfaßt" and "umfasst". This makes the search results useless for my use case. And: In this case, the label "Exactly this text" is incorrect.

See also and

Apparently, it is possible to get search results containing only "umfaßt" by using



  • Can the field "Exactly this text" use insource, when a "ß" is involved?
  • If not, can a hint be added to the info popup next to the search field?

Bonus question:

  • Is it possible to have a dependent search that recognizes when words on a page are part of a quote? This would be ideal for this use case because the spelling "umfaßt" must not be changed when it's part of a quote.


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Can the field "Exactly this text" use insource, when a "ß" is involved?

I'm pretty sure we can do this, but i might suggest having a checkbox or some such to toggle between character and word based searching. I came here from T182452 in which there is additional confusion about why searching "#wikimedia-operations" in the "exactly this text" field searches for the two words, instead of the combined symbol. Basically the field is not really an "exactly this text" search, but some word-based variant.

My suggestion would be to allow to toggle between the word-based search (implemented by wrapping term with quotes) and a character based search using insource/regex. The insource/regex would need to escape regex in the term and submit it as in insource query. So for the "#wikimedia-operations" example the searches sent to the backend by advanced search would be:

word based"#wikimedia-operations"
char based"#wikimedia-operations" insource:/\#wikimedia-operations/