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Needs Design: combine multiple filters and/or splits
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I would like to measure the Activity Level by User Type. But it looks like I can use only one of these Editor filter groupings at a time. Follow these steps:

  1. In WikiStats 2.0, go to Contributing and select English Wikipedia>Editors. The total for Oct is around 447K
  2. Select Split by Editor Type, and deselect all types except User. The total is now around 140K (registered users)
  3. Now click the control to split by Activity level.

Expected Results: I get an Activity Level split of only the 140K registered users
Actual results: My totals are now back in the 447K zone, indicating that my previous split is now being ignored (even though the settings are still in place if I open up the Editor Type tool)

This tool would be SUPER-USEFUL if I could add the effects of the different filters together, to hone in on my interests. I tried only this one example right now, but if this limitation of not being able to combine different filter groupings is general for this tool, then it is a big limitation on its usefulness.

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jmatazzoni updated the task description. (Show Details)

I just tried the Content tab, and see the same inability to combine filters in the Edited Pages stats.

@jmatazzoni I answered this in our new FAQ:'t_combine_two_or_more_splits_and_filters

In short I agree this would be super-cool, we're just trying to figure out how to do it best.

Thanks for the info @Milimetric. I think the idea that combining filters would be cool understates the importance of this feature considerably. From my POV, it will be almost impossible for you to create a site that anticipates and simply offers all the stats people actually need. So the alternatives you face are either build something that is flexible, or build something that is irrelevant.

But I take it from the FAQ that you are working on this, not just considering it?

@jmatazzoni we aren't actively developing that feature right now, because there are higher priorities, but I wouldn't put a Beta label on this project without that feature. And we plan on putting a Beta label on it within the next two quarters.

The site right now is not trying to anticipate everything everyone needs, it's just trying to understand user experience in an iterative way. We did three separate consultations that informed the initial UI. People raised the issue you're raising, but we felt it was more of an advanced use case and we would be making enough people happy with what we put out so far. To call that irrelevant is definitely extreme.

I said "super-cool", and for me that's high praise, maybe we just use jargon differently, apologies for that, I'll restate: This feature is critical to a number of users that we value highly, and we will implement it sooner than later.

I apologize for using intemperate language. But the figure I reference is a good example of what I mean. Having a split by Activity Level—which classifies editors by how many edits they made—would be very useful to the New Editors project I'm on. But since the figure includes bot contributions, I can't use it.

Bottom line, I'm sure you appreciate even better than I how having the ability to combine filters opens up vastly more use cases. I, on the other hand, understand nothing of the technical challenges involved in making this happen. All I can do is encourage your team to see the value of the feature.

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Just tested this, and I agree that it should be possible to combine filters. I sort of assumed this to be the case because of the toggle buttons.

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