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List of messages to review is EMPTY for project MEDIAWIKI while statistics says only 40% are done.
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Hi all

I work on
Since about 1 month the list of Reread messages is displayed EMPTY in my internet browser while statistics says only 40% are reread and 60% remain.
Messages: all Project: MediaWiki
my user: Wladek92
The query URL of when I hit button RELIRE for rereading is :

The review button had worked always 'normally' for project MEDIAWIKI
For other projects (like OpenstreetMap...) the list to review displays normally => ok but,
I Tried on Firefox and Internet Explorer : list remains empty => nok
I tried on Win Vista, and on Win 7 : list remains empty => nok

So whats wrong with my account ? and why specifically on MEDIAWIKI ?

Thanks for investigating


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I do not see why this should be a duplicate of the linked issue. I proofread many system messages for MediaWiki (German) yesterday without issues whereas Christan fails to do so for some reason.

I checked the logs and the cause is the same: Exception caught: called before isValid for MediaWiki:Smw-pa-property-predefined sci doi/fr

This is interesting. Since it is working for me I would not have expected this to happen. I wonder why I am lucky in this respect. The only thing I can think of is that probably the transgessing message is up next for Christian whereas I have stil to work on many other messages until this one is up. Anyways, touching wood.

This comment was removed by Wladek92.

Just for test, I try to reread mediawiki items (based now on a DEUTSCH translation) like Kghbln does.
I select DEUTSCH in page and hit the same button RELIRE in MediaWiki project as before.
This generates the following command:
and the german items are displayed normally for rereading: "Links unterstreichen:" ....

Reversely you can do the same. Select FRENCH and hit your Reread button for Mediawiki project. => should clarify that the list is empty.