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SVG rendering maximum should base on area, not largest size?
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A version of [[Reference_ranges_for_blood_tests]] attempted to replace a PNG of a large panoramic graph (4436x400 pixels) with an SVG -- [[Image:Reference_ranges_for_blood_tests_-_by_mass.svg]].

In theory, this should look nice... but our SVG rasterization limit of 2048x2048 hits it, so it gets rendered to 2048x185 and scaled up in-browser... which looks terrible. :)

We don't want to render things super-huge, but for panoramic-style images, it shouldn't be terribly expensive. The limit should probably be changed to work on area, like our existing restrictions on PNG resizing.

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This is a bug I think, not an enhancement. Just common sense and what it should be. The related ticket shows another extreme case that tripped this. These files are out there.

I don't believe this is a problem anymore, at least with Thumbor. The linked file can be rendered with a width much higher than 2048px: like 5000px for example. I can't find a size limit for SVGs other than "does librsvg take more than 60s to process it".